Book now - EuroPACT courses on Photon Density Wave spectroscopy and Chemical Imaging

In context with the upcoming EuroPACT 2017, innoFSPEC offers two half-day pre-conference courses on 9th May 2017 in Potsdam.

Dr. Oliver Reich and Dr. Roland Hass will hold a course on "Introduction to Photon Density Wave spectroscopy – for inline particle sizing and process monitoring in highly turbid liquid dispersions". Prof. Dr. Ilko Bald's course deals with "Chemical Imaging by Raman spectroscopy and complementary techniques".

For further info and registration please use the following link:

From 10-12 May the fourth European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology (EuroPACT, will take place in Potsdam. The conference will cover new technologies in process analytics, the implementation of these technologies in various fields and the transformation of data into knowledge. The conference will be supported by an exhibition of instrumentation, applications and data evaluation tools.