astrOOptics (AO)

The Meta-ZIK astrOOptics is a strategic alliance between two innovation centres (ZIKs) sponsored by BMBF: ultra optics in Jena und innoFSPEC in Potsdam. The goal is to develop innovative photonic technology and to realize components for demanding astronomical applications that often require most advanced performances. The alliance is dedicated to contributing their expertise in a joint manner in order to conquer the numerous challenges in the development of such advanced components. 

As a step forward from the development of the cutting-edge technology in astronomical instrumentation, astrOOptics will strive to demonstrate great potential in creating economic values. The target is to bring the golden prototypes developed for astronomy as “a knock on the door” to industrial applications in a broader scope and in a larger scale.

In concrete terms, astrOOptics endeavors to develop the following components:

   (A) Compact and light-weight photonic spectrograph using integrated optics (innoFSPEC)

   (B) Flexible sky emission filter using complex fibre Bragg gratings (innoFSPEC)

   (C) Nanostructured functional surfaces for specialized astronomical measurement (ultra optics)


AO Group 2017 10

Group members:

Dr. Ziyang Zhang (Research group leader)
Dr. Julia Fiebrandt (Senior scientist)
Dr. Kalaga Madhav (Senior scientist)

Andreas Stoll (Scientist)
Vadim Makan (Junior scientist)
Kai Sun (Junior scientist)
Zhanyu He (Junior scientist)

Jiajun Luo (Junior scientist)

Kunyao Wang (Junior scientist)

Open positions:

Student helpers, trainees, with possibility to start a Bachelor or Master thesis. Topics include: optical simulation, 3D structure modeling, measurement in the optics (fiber) laboratory ...


Dr. Ziyang Zhang
Phone: +49 331 / 7499-656
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Acknowledgement: The first two images were taken in cooperation with the Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik (IHP), Frankfurt (Oder).