Applied Analytical Photonics (AAP)

The group AAP focuses on the development of fibre-optical photonic components and their combination for spectroscopy and sensing in the processing industry and in its related research. AAP aims at the implementation of novel fibre-optical photonic tools for the analytical characterization of chemical, physical, or biotechnological processes in liquid dispersions. In particular, the development of multiplexing concepts for Photon Density Wave spectroscopy is to be achieved, in order to allow for a spatial resolution in challenging, highly concentrated large-scale industrial processes. For unit operations in the processing industry, handling dispersions of low-to-mid-range concentrations, new fibre-optical sensing approaches are to be devised. The performance of the fibre-optical analytical photonic technologies of AAP will be evaluated within model processes in the labs of innoFSPEC, before the analytical technologies are implemented under “real-world” conditions in pilot or production plants of affiliated industrial partners.

(Left) Reactor temperature, dosed monomer volume, and nano particle diameter from PDW spectroscopy during the synthesis of an adhesive suspension, (right) “side-firing” fibres produced in the AAP group, emitting red and green laser light in a turbid dispersion.

Group members:

Dr. Roland Hass (Research group leader)
Dr. Katharina Bressel (Senior scientist)
Ninh Dinh Duc Khan (Junior scientist)

Dr. Anne Hartwig (Senior scientist)
Dr. Wycliffe Kipnusu (Senior scientist)
Marvin Münzberg (Scientist)

Dr. Nabarun Polley (Senior scientist)
Thomas Schiewe (Scientist)
Stephanie Schönfelder (Scientist)
Peter Werner (Scientist)

Dr. Florian Wolfgramm (Senior scientist)


Dr. Roland Hass
Phone: +49 331 / 977-6232
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